I Like Allie

Hometown: Milan, Italy

I Like Allie started out as Renato's acoustic project. During this phase he played many shows with artists such as Joe Mcmahon and Rocky Votolato and self released digitally "The Cap Saint Martin EP". However, it became clear that his songs were meant to be played loud. This is why in Fall 2014 I Like Allie became a band. Gio, Fra and Sandro joined I Like Allie enriching its sound through the musical background acquired while playing in other bands such as Monumental, Teenage Gluesniffers and Low Dérive. The band spent 2015 in a practice space reworking songs and writing new ones. In February 2016 the band entered the studio to record their first EP, "The Wounds You Leave". The EP was released digitally via Paper+Plastick as part of the label's "Sound of The Skull" series and on vinyl with the help of local labels I Buy Records, Lonely Raven Records and Neat is Murder.

After playing shows with bands such as Anti-Flag, Laura Stevenson, Old Flings and Caves and with a new lead guitarist joining the ranks (Luca who's also in Sittingthesummerout), the band plans on hitting the road as much as possible and is currently working on new material.

I Like Allie's sound is a mix of punk rock and emo but with a very personal style deriving from the band members different musical tastes and Renato's lyrics that tell stories of friends, family and getting hurt.

For fans of: Samiam, The Lawrence Arms, The Get Up Kids

Renato Treves: vocals, guitar
Giovanni Salvati: drums
Francesco Lodola: bass
Luca Della Foglia: guitar

email: ilikealliehc@gmail.com

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