H_ngm_N - I Don't Wanna Go Home DIGITAL RGR-DIG007


Since our first play of this record we fell in love & quite frankly it is a suprise that they aren't already joining a more established label; more fool them!

Expect great things from H_ngm_n....


H_ngm_n are Brighton based two piece James Martin & Chris Childs, coming together with catchy riffs, emotive lyrics on top of pumping drums to great melodic hook-riddled bangers for your earholes.

Having toured extensively throughout the UK over the last few years, & recently branching out to mainland Europe, the emo/punk duo are readying the release of their new EP "I Don't Wanna Go Home". The four songs recorded at The Ranch delve into self-doubt, negativity & the trials & tribulations of getting older.

Toxic relationships, regrets & drinking too much; it does touch on hope & looking to the future in a more positive light, it's not all doom & gloom. The EP will be out via Real Ghost Records this winter, and H_ngm_n will be announcing a load of shows in the new year to support the release.


  1. Matchsticks
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. Ghost
  4. Empty