Real Ghost Records - Livin' La Vida Lockdown Digital Download


We're delighted to release this incredible new compilation, featuring original songs, covers and stripped back tracks!  All recorded in Lockdown


During the early part of the pandemic, we here at RG HQ realised pretty early on that we needed something to focus on for our own mental wellbeing.  We also thought that our artists may be in a similar boat, so we reached out and asked if they had the means and ability to record from home.

They did and things kinda snowballed!

We also wanted to contribute to something good and so we wanted to donate all proceeds from the compilation, including any online streaming revenue, to the UK anti-racism charity "Show Racism the Red Card"


  1. 01 New Junk City - Everything Good (Pandemic Version)
  2. 02 La Moxie - Nothing With You (Acoustic Cover)
  3. 07 Brightr - Housefires
  4. 05 Mixtape Saints - Malaphor
  5. 06 Modern Shakes - Fair Do's
  6. 03 H ngm n - Rope Bridge (Acoustic)
  7. 11 H ngm n - All That I've Got (Acoustic Cover)
  8. 10 - goldenboy - Memories and lullabies (Acoustic)
  9. 04 Arms & Hearts - Warbrain (Acoustic Cover)
  10. 12 Hopewood - Hold Hands High (Mastered)
  11. 09 All Better - Toxic Little You (Acoustic)
  12. 08 Brutalligators - We're Not Excited (Acoustic) - mastered